Circular Economy Policies - Tackling Your Strategy

September 12, 2018

Tackle your future challenges and identify opportunities by working through Circular Economy issues.

Circular Economy policies - Tackling Your Strategy

Join Eveline Lemke, founder of Thinking Circular and Former Green Minister of Economic Affairs in Rhineland-Palatinate, in a free webinar that will guide you towards circular economy opportunities.

Global challenges and new legislation have forced companies to rethink their material resource strategies. You need integrative concepts for supply chains and material flows (design and systems thinking).

In our Webinar, gain insights into… 

  • the UN Circularity Gap Report and EU Circular Economy Package.
  • public discussion about rules and legislation.
  • the rising pressure on resource strategies.
  • how to monitor legislation.
  • adjusting your material resource strategy.
  • addressing c-level management on strategic questions.

Find out how to convince your management to take further steps toward sustainability and circular economy. In joining forces, the founder of Thinking Circular, Eveline Lemke, and thinkstep will help you construct new business cases and enter new innovation platforms. Ready yourself to change games!


  • Eveline Lemke, Sustainability and Circular Economy Expert, Thinking Circular
  • Hannes Partl, VP Service Delivery, thinkstep AG

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