Circularity at Scale

April 9, 2019

Circularity at Scale - Circularity Indicators for infrastructure projects

Circularity at Scale

The Circularity Indicators assesses how well a product or company performs in the circular economy.

However, measuring circularity on large infrastructure or built environment projects is still in its infancy. LIBERTY and thinkstep will explore in a webinar how the Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation can be used to measure ‘circularity at scale’ and how the data requirements for the MCI overlap with those of LCA and the IS rating tool.

Rob Johnson will explain the value EPDs have delivered to LIBERTY and how this is being supported by the MCI. It ranges from improvement opportunities and setting benchmarks to educating staff and customers about circular economy.

Emily Townsend from thinkstep will share difficulties on measuring progress or performance with current Circular Economy policies, and sustainability rating tools such as Green Star or ISCA.

About our speakers:

Emily Townsend is a Sustainability Engineer at thinkstep with special interest in Circular Economy. She worked with LIBERTY Steel to measure the circularity of LIBERTY’S rebar product by embedding the MCI into an existing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).  

Rob Johnson is Customer & Market Relationship Manager at LIBERTY with 30 year’s experience in  international Sales, Marketing and Business Development. Rob recently took a lead role in developing and implementing a strategy to deliver 5 EPDs covering the bulk of Liberty’s manufacturing range.

Watch the webinar:

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