EPD for LEED v4

February 28, 2019

Watch our joint webinar on Environmental Product Declarations for LEED v4!

EPD for LEED v4

Dr. Rajesh Singh will present an overview on Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) process, benefits and pre-requisites, while Mr. K.N.Rao will share his first-hand experience of being India’s first Cement and Ready Mix Concrete company to have an EPD.

Why watch the webinar:

  • Hear all the important information about EPD
  • Learn about the process of getting an EPD certification
  • Explore the industry implementations through different case studies and in person experiences


  • Dr. Rajesh Singh, MD of thinkstep Sustainability Solutions Pvt. Ltd, thinkstep AG
  • Mr. K.N. Rao, Director Energy and Environment, ACC Limited


  • This webinar is free

Watch the webinar:

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