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Flexible Access to Technical Data for Aerospace Materials Accelerates Product Development

May 2, 2019

Innovations in aerospace industry depend on new material technologies.

Innovations in aerospace industry depend on new material technologies. The reliability of secured material data is essential for success. The basis for a completely new system for accessing this data is the extensive MMPDS database. The new solution offers unique research and analysis functions as well as the possibility to additionally provide your own data in an intranet solution.

As early as 2018, MATPLUS signed an agreement with the American BATTELLE Institute for the marketing of MMPDS data. Under the auspices of BATTELLE, the MMPDS data ( is compiled by international material experts from industry and research according to clearly defined rules. They are the only aeronautical material data released by the American approval authority FAA.

Up to now working with the MMPDS handbook has been difficult for European design engineers due to the American units and designations. Additionally, the abundance of available data blew up the classical book application. The new database solution, which was presented on 26.03. to MMPDS experts in Baton Rouge, USA (, is the answer to these challenges.

For the first time, users get a multilingual solution with extended data content, automatic unit conversion and extensive analysis functions. This includes statistical evaluations, comparisons and comprehensive visualization options / diagrams. This new MMPDS is integrated into the material data system EDA®, which is increasingly being used by industrial users. "With MMPDS and STAHLDAT, we can now also offer our customers extensive and high-quality content for EDA®," explains Dr. Uwe Diekmann, executive Director and founder of MATPLUS GmbH. Dr. Diekmann adds: "This simplifies the way for our customers to a comprehensive knowledge management for materials".

The basis of the solution is the EDA® system - whose extensive functionality inspires even demanding material experts. To emphasize is the scalability of the system from a few users to the integration into existing systems, such as the Siemens Teamcenter ® module Integrated Material Management (IMM) of thinkstep AG. Thus, the system is suitable for SMEs as well as for large companies.
The new MMPDS solution will be widely available after extensive testing with pilot users in June 2019.




In order to be able to offer handpicked, compliance and quality-assured data for Enterprise customers based on consolidated material databases or material catalogs, thinkstep AG and Matplus GmbH have entered into a successful partnership. Customers also benefit from the partnership in the Siemens software environment by access to high-quality data, which is regularly updated to the latest regulations.

About thinkstep:

thinkstep AG, based in Echterdingen / Stuttgart, supports organizations worldwide on their way to sustainable success. Leading software solutions, databases and consulting services enable companies to optimize their business processes, leverage innovation potential, increase brand value and comply with legal requirements. At the same time, thinkstep AG, the strategic partner of Siemens Industry Software GmbH and Integrated Material Management, is fully integrated into the world-leading Siemens Teamcenter PLM system.

About Matplus:

Matplus GmbH, headquartered in Wuppertal, is a provider of software and services for practical material innovations. The focus is on metallic structural materials - ranging from software for the calculation and design of new materials (JMatPro® and EDA®) to specific databases (Stahldat and MMPDS) and research such as development projects.

About BATTELLE and MMPDS: The Battelle Institute is a US non-profit institute for contract research in the natural sciences and technology. BATTELLE has research, especially in connection with patent developments and commercial applications. The MMPDS handbook and its predecessors have been around for over 70 years - BATTELLE coordinates between industry and regulatory agencies.

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