GaBi release 2018


Take a look at this webinar to learn more about the latest GaBi release from some of our experts.

GaBi Databases 2018 Edition

  • Addition of close to 1000 new region-specific datasets on materials, parts, transport, waste incineration etc. Main increase in dataset number in Prof DB and the Energy, End-of-Life and Full US extension databases.
  • Data updates and improvements on energy carriers and electricity mixes, various production processes, with further improved documentation across the databases.
  • New versions of several key impact assessment methodologies.
  • Continued PEF/OEF and EN 15804 conformity with data and software support, as well as updated ILCD import/export mapping.

GaBi ts Software 8.5

  • Upgrade your databases in the background while continuing working with GaBi.
  • Big performance improvements for i-reports exported to Envision.

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