How to Beat the Scope 3 Challenge for Credible Carbon Reporting

June 28, 2018

Explore a 30 minute "Straight from the Horse's Mouth" webinar with Nicole Dimasi from Lion and Barbara Nebel from thinkstep.

How to beat the Scope 3 challenge for credible carbon reporting

For the majority of sectors, the largest sources of a company’s emissions are linked to products that companies buy or sell. Even if you are not planning to report on your Scope 3 emissions right now, a Scope 3 screening helps to determine where emissions savings in the value chain can be made. This is also a requirement for setting a science-based target.

What to expect:

  • Nicole Dimasi, Group Environmental Systems Manager at Lion shares why Lion started their Scope 3 journey and what they have discovered so far.
  • Barbara Nebel from thinkstep discusses tips and tricks on how to identify relevant Scope 3 categories, emission sources and appropriate emission factors to include in carbon reporting.

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