Dr. Martin Baitz

Director Content

Dr. Martin Baitz is the Team Lead for Content at thinkstep.

His responsibilities include:

- Maintenance, Update and Future strategies on Life-Cycle databases and Life-Cycle information supply and exchange
- Development and set up of professional Life-Cycle databases
- Quality control of LCI databases and data set
- Expert in Life-cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology and its application to products and systems particularly chemicals, fuels and plastics.
- Consultancy to industry (OEM and SME) mainly Chemical and Automotive industry
- Consultancy to governmental bodies and associations 
- Subject Editor of the “International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment“ (Data availability and quality)
- Management of several industry and public funded project.
- QA and high value experts review solutions
- Represent thinkstep in global political and scientific networks

Specialties: Expert in sustainability and life-cycle related environmental topics