Next Generation Product Stewardship

June 27, 2019

Watch our webinar about Next Generation Product Stewardship!

Next Generation Product Stewardship

Digitalization as an enabler for holistic product stewardship, bringing LCA and product compliance to engineers’ desks

As products get more and more complex and as pressure mounts from competitors to shorten time to market, performance and costs are increasing. Ever faster, cost-optimized development and manufacturing is considered essential to remain competitive in the market. An integrated digitalization of the entire product development and production processes will play a key role in meeting this challenge.

Product stewardship means that both qualitative and quantitative methods are applied to understand and improve the sustainability performance of a product, starting as early as possible in the product development process. Businesses operating in a global market complement approaches to evaluating compliance to various product regulations by using voluntary approaches that assess and communicate their environmental or social footprint.

This webinar is about how you can apply digitalization and the digital twin in the context of a proactive, holistic product stewardship process.

Who should watch the webinar:

  • Product quality or sustainability leaders who want to understand the bigger picture about product stewardship
  • LCA practitioners who are interested in how to scale LCA to all products developed in the early design and production phases
  • Compliance experts who want to add value to their activities and obtain a more comprehensive understanding
  • Anybody who wants to gain a holistic view of how examining the environmental performance of a product can make it more efficient, cheaper and more precise
  • PLM leaders who want to expand their platforms to support product stewardship
  • Design engineers who want to enable more environmentally complaint products


  • Jürgen Stichling, VP Sustainable Mobility, thinkstep AG
  • Daniel Schott, Business Development MCM, thinkstep AG

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