Product Compliance - Effective and Efficient

December 5, 2018

thinkstep and chance-N have bundled their expertise and experience to provide a customized and cost-effective solution for the manufacturing industry.

Product Compliance - Effective and Efficient
  • The risk of non-conformity increase due to customer requirements
  • Now it is all about reposition correctly and competently
  • A drop of oil spoils 1000 liters of water - a prohibition substance spoils a valuable product

Here's why you should watch the webinar:

  • Learn more about new legal conditions (RoHS, REACH, etc.)
  • Deal with the dramatic increase in market surveillance and enforcement measures
  • Benefit from our many years of consulting experience in the area of risk and compliance management
  • Learn from our best practices


  • Dr. Fred Twardon, Executive Partner chance-N, chance-N GmbH
  • Daniel Schott, Business Developer Material & Compliance Management (MCM), thinkstep AG

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