Recyclable Yet Unsustainable?

July 17, 2019

Learn more about the complexity of sustainable packaging!

Recyclable Yet Unsustainable

Current legislation is too one-dimensional to drive the packaging industry to a sustainable transformation and may in fact exacerbate existing problems or shift burdens. With a few practical examples, we want to demonstrate how focusing on recyclability can increase climate change overall and could produce other negative impacts at a scale that is at least as bad as plastic pollution in the ocean. Additionally, we would like to offer a “sneak peek” into the new features of the GaBi Packaging Calculator 2.0.

Why watch the webinar:

  • Get a quick overview of recent legislative changes and large-scale industry trends
  • Assess their risks and opportunities
  • Hear expert opinions as to what these trends will mean in the future
  • Understand the scale of impact that individual decisions about packaging can make
  • Get a sneak peek into the new features of the new GaBi Packaging Calculator


  • Sophie Kieselbach, Senior Consultant, thinkstep AG
  • Flora D’Souza, Senior Consultant, thinkstep AG

Watch now:

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