Eco-Efficiency Analysis of Residential Heating and Storage Systems

January 5, 2018

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Eco-Efficiency Analysis of Residential Heating and Storage Systems

As part of the study „Eco-Efficiency Analysis of Residential Heating and Storage Systems“, the consortium under the lead of thinkstep investigated the economic and environmental aspects of different heating and storage systems.

Three defined energy efficiency classes and heating performance classes respectively were analysed considering a 20-year timeframe (2017-2037). This comprises Single-family homes at three different levels of energy performance: 
A: High-efficiency new construction (passive house), 
B: Renovated old construction, meeting „KfW-Effizenzhaus“ 115 requirements
C: Old construction with no significant energy efficiency improvements

The calculated results of the economic and environmental analyses were then related to a defined reference system in order to quantify their eco-efficiency. 

The following heating systems were considered: natural gas, heating oil, biomass (pellets and split logs) based systems, electric heat pumps and the supply from local and regional district heating grids. The integration of solar thermal units into the heating system was also part of the analysis.

The following storage systems applicable to new buildings equipped with air-to-air heat pump and photovoltaic system were analysed: buffer storage tanks, lithium batteries and lead batteries.

The study was commissioned by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology (StMWi) and coordinated by the Bavarian Environmental Agency (LfU) in the context of the „10,000 Houses Programme.”

For further details and to read the Executive Summary (both in German) please visit the website.

Download this resource (in German):

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