Evolution of Disposable Baby Diapers in Europe: Life Cycle Assessment of Environmental Impacts and Identification of Key Areas of Improvement

October 6, 2017

An assessment of the environmental aspects related to the life cycle of disposable baby diapers in Europe is presented in this paper with the aim of analysing recent improvements and identifying key environmental areas on which to focus in order to further decrease impacts.

Download the free sustainability report: Evolution of disposable baby diapers in Europe: Life cycle assessment of environmental impacts and identification of key areas of improvement

Average products available on the European market in recent years have been modelled and evaluated from “cradle to grave”. Results point out the importance of materials in the definition of the environmental profile of the product. These are followed by the end of life for some impact categories, while the contribution of manufacturing, packaging and transport to the overall LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) results seems of minor relevance.

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