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Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region Awarded "HyPerformer Region"

December 12, 2019

thinkstep, a Sphera company, would like to congratulate the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, one of three winners in the national competition "HyLand Hydrogen Regions in Germany.”

Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region Awarded "HyPerformer Region

The Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region is one of the winners of the national competition known as "HyLand - Hydrogen Regions in Germany" and received the award for its "H2Rivers" concept submitted in the "HyPerformer" category. 

thinkstep was actively involved in the preparation of the concept and the submission of the application. The concept is based on the results of a joint study by thinkstep and Prognos presented in May 2019. The study for the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region addresses potentials for hydrogen use in the region. The study examined economic and ecological outcomes that could result by 2030 from the local production and use of hydrogen in the metropolitan region. The results published in the summary of the study confirm that the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region has very good chances of becoming a pacesetter for hydrogen production and use.  

This assessment was supported by the German Federal Government, with the selection of the metropolitan region as a "HyPerformer Region," and provides the metropolitan region and its implementation partners up to €20 million in funding to actualize the H2Rivers concept.

Read the potential study by thinkstep - a Sphera company (in German):

Read the Study

Read the press release of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan (in German):

Press Release

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