Science Based Targets, the Key to Overcoming Climate Disruption

November 21, 2018

Watch the webinar "Science Based Targets - the Key to Overcoming Climate Disruption!".

Science Based Targets, the Key to Overcoming Climate Disruption

On October 8, 2018, the IPCC released its Special Report on the impacts of global warming, warning for the need to take drastic steps to reduce global warming to 1.5 ̊ C below preindustrial levels, making the call to set Science Based Targets all the more critical.

Now more than ever, companies need to take immediate steps to future-proof their businesses through greater sustainability efforts.

In this joint webinar, experts from thinkstep and the CDP discussed current developments and future business trends in relationship to Science Based Targets.

Why watch the webinar:

  •     Hear about CDP’s view on the IPCC SR15 report, science-based targets and climate disclosure
  •     Learn about the difference between conventional incremental targets and science-based targets
  •     Discover the methods and process for setting a science-based target
  •     Explore context-based targets beyond carbon


  •     Annika Bruß, Senior Consultant, thinkstep AG
  •     Miriam Benarey-Meisel, Senior Consultant, thinkstep AG
  •     Alberto Carrillo Pineda, Head of Science Based Targets, CDP

Watch the webinar:

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