Smart Use of Emission Factors

September 20, 2019

Use this opportunity to learn from our experts about existing emission factor sources and applied methodologies!

Smart Use of Emission Factors

Emission factors form the backbone of any sustainability report. Still there is often confusion about how to correctly use emission factors from different data sources, with varying methodologies and update cycles. In addition, reporting and thus emission factor requirements differ, depending on the stakeholders involved and the specifications from various sustainability disclosure standards.

This can be tremendously troubling when there are rapidly approaching reporting deadlines and time is scarce.

Why watch the webinar:

Use this opportunity to learn from our experts about…

  • existing emission factor sources and applied methodologies
  • the most suitable emission factor sources, depending on different reporting contexts and requirements
  • an auditor’s perspective on emission reporting
  • tips and tricks for a smooth auditing process


  • Antonia Rehl, Dipl. Volkswirtin Dr. oec, Data Scientist, thinkstep AG
  • Michael Giebels, Dipl. Geoökologe, Manager Sustainability, Deloitte GmbH



Watch the webinar:

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