thinkstep at 2nd Sustainability Impact Management Summit

Date: 14/02/2019 - 15/02/2019

Peter Klein, COO at thinkstep will give a presentation at the 2nd Sustainability Impact Management Summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

About the conference:

This will be a cross-industrial event, aiming to induce a high level of participation and providing the appropriate platform to dialogue with peers from various industries on the best practices and real solutions within Sustainability Management.

Key Topics at the event

  • A System’s Perspective of Sustainability
  • Is Creating a 2°C Strategy Following the Paris Agreement Enough?
  • The Growth Conundrum How It Links To Economic System Design
  • How To Create Future Value Through Long-Term Thinking
  • Leading By Example & Practicing What You Preach Using New Tools
  • Transformations Needed To Achieve ‘New Level Playing Fields’ In Leading Industries

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