thinkstep and BASF on Portfolio Steering

May 17, 2018

Steering your portfolio toward more sustainability and growth

thinkstep and BASF on Portfolio Steering

thinkstep and BASF are in a strategic collaboration on the SustainableSolutionSteering method. This method has been developed by BASF to assess and steer its product portfolio based on defined triple bottom line sustainability criteria and considers the entire value chain and markets including industry- and region-specific views.

Recently the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has published a framework for Portfolio Sustainability Assessment. Based on this framework and our collaboration with BASF on their TripleS method, thinkstep offers you a tailor-made portfolio development and implementation approach supported by a tool based on our SoFi platform.

Download the webinar material and find out more on how BASF is creating value both for itself as well as for its customers using its SustainableSolutionSteering approach and learn how thinkstep can support you to steering your portfolio.


  • Dr. Andreas Kicherer, Director Sustainability Strategy, BASF
  • Peter Kölsch, Team Lead Applied Sustainability, BASF
  • Dr. Martijn Gipmans,  Team Lead Chemicals, thinkstep AG

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