thinkstep Australasia Certified as "Zero Carbon Business"

Date: April 23, 2019

thinkstep Australasia has been certified as a “Zero Carbon Business” by Ekos.

thinkstep Australasia certified as "Zero Carbon Business"

thinkstep Australasia has been certified as  a “Zero Carbon Business” by Ekos for offsetting the Carbon Emissions from their operations in New Zealand and Australia. Ekos is a social enterprise that provides certified carbon offsets from rainforest protection for the New Zealand carbon market.

“While we have a very ambitious carbon reduction plan, our team felt that we also need to offset the emissions we cannot avoid” said Barbara Nebel, Managing Director of thinkstep Australasia. “ Investing in local projects that not only sequester carbon but also help with biodiversity, erosion control, water quality and community development was an additional bonus.” The offsets support the Rarakau Rainforest Conservation Project and are Certified to ISO14064-2 and Plan Vivo carbon standard.

thinkstep Australasia is member of the Climate Leader Coalition and recently had their  Science-based target approved. By 2030 thinkstep Australasia will reduce their Scope 1, 2 & 3 Carbon Emissions by 38% from a 2018 baseline.

>> Find out more about thinkstep Australasia’s footprint

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