thinkstep at the BAU 2019

Date: January 29, 2019

thinkstep and the DGNB shared a booth at the BAU 2019, the world's leading tradeshow for architecture, materials and systems in Munich under the motto "sustainable is the new normal."

Picture: © DGNB

"Climate-neutral to the BAU": A service for all tradeshow visitors

thinkstep and the DGNB jointly provided a unique offer for all BAU attendees. All tradeshow visitors had the chance to receive free compensation for their CO2 emissions during their stay plus their travel to and from the BAU. Using thinkstep's SoFi Software, each individual carbon footprint was calculated, and we then compensated for them after the BAU.


>> Watch the full interview here (German)!


Our partner, South Pole, compensated for the CO2 emissions through three different projects:

  • Reforestation in Colombia
  • Landfill Gas Capture in China
  • SCG Biomass to Energy Project in Thailand

We are happy to announce that we compensated 42.5t of CO2 for 216 visitors at the BAU. More than 50% of the CO2 emissions are based on air travel. The lowest CO2 emission calculated at the BAU was 4kg CO2 for a visitor who lived in Munich. The highest value was 3.7t of CO2, compensated for a visitor who came from Hong Kong. The average visitor emitted around 198kg of CO2.

>> More information about the project (text in German).

About the event:

The world's leading tradeshow for architecture, materials and systems is organized every 2 years in Munich, Germany.

>> Read more about thinkstep at the BAU (Text in German).





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