thinkstep at the European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging Summit

Date: March 20, 2019

Sophie Kieselbach at the European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging Summit in Rotterdam.

Sophie Kieselbach, Senior Consultant / Solution Manager at thinkstep joined this year`s European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging Summit in Rotterdam. Sophie gave a speech on " Is being more circular actually better for the environment?"

The presentation showed
•    How packaging alternatives easily can be assessed
•    How the Material Circularity Indicator gives an additional information to the common LCA results
•    How to use all indicators to answer the question if your alternative really is the better one for the environment

About the conference:
This year`s conference focus was on the industry’s increasing challenge for innovation toward a sustainable future. Major topic was to look at the best strategies for sustainable packaging including recycling and packaging performance. Brands and retailers shared their thoughts and information on consumer experience and demands for the next generation of packaging. Furthermore, the conference focussed on the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package, and its impact on the dynamics of the entire supply chain. This included the latest developments from the Waste Framework and Packaging directive, as well as the Single Use Plastics Directive.

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