thinkstep Has Released SoFi 7.1

Date: April 16, 2019

thinkstep has released SoFi 7.1, the latest version of our SoFi Software, which includes a new optional Flight Distance Calculator module and simple improvements for data entry.

Flight Distance Calculator (optional module)

The SoFi Flight Distance Calculator automatically calculates air travel distances. GHG emissions are calculated by using preset values, such as lengths of flights or cabin classes. This helps companies to collect large amounts of flight travel data and to enter that data into their existing SoFi systems more efficiently. For further information about the flight distance calculator, click here

Data Collection Improvements

While the SoFi Flight Distance Calculator was the main focus for the SoFi 7.1 release we also included minor usability improvements. Following are some of the improvements (you'll find the complete list in the Release Notes). 

  • Value custom fields now include and show the sum of all transactions.
  • The “Compliance and Control” extension helps data collectors provide missing data and move forward without removing checkmarks for failed positions.

Updated Reporting Standards and Emission Factors

We added the CDP 2019 disclosure template. Also, GRI standard disclosures are now updated (sections 303, 403). Information on emission factor updates (GaBi (02/2019), IEA 2018) is available in the SoFi Learning Center.

Please note that the SoFi 7.1 release is only available for SoFi SaaS clients. Clients with a perpetual licence will remain on SoFi 6. Please verify your licence type and do not hesitate to contact us directly to find out about functions and implementation—together we'll determine how you can use those functions for your individual business purposes. 

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