LCA in the Packaging Industry

Date: March 19, 2018

At the International Label Conference, thinkstep contributed to business LCA success.

The International Label Conference (ETKON) was initiated in 1986 by Brigl & Bergmeister, the world’s leading manufacturer of label papers and flexible packaging papers for the consumer packaged goods industry. The aim of the conference was to increase the participants’ understanding of the supply chain and to initiate better collaboration along it.

The International Label Conference took place from March 21 to 23 in Salzburg. The conference reflected the ongoing development of the EU Strategy and discussions on the Circular Economy Package, with an aim to encouraging more ambitious extended producer responsibility (EPR) to bring about a more sustainable use of resources, and in particular packaging materials.

Sixteen speakers from leading FMCG companies from four continents as well as six speakers from renowned international organizations contributed to the success of the International Label Conference. More than 250 participants from more than 25 nations participated in the conference.

At the conference, thinkstep contributed its expertise in the broad field of sustainability, life cycle thinking and life cycle analysis. Sophie Kieselbach, Senior Consultant at thinkstep, participated in the panel discussion on March 21, helping to shape the concept of circular economy that served as a guide for the audience during the following days.

On March 22, conclusions from the first day were elaborated upon through numerous speeches by industry experts. Sophie Kieselbach gave an inspiring speech about “Measuring the Circular Economy by Applying Life Cycle Assessment,” elaborating on the concept and links between the circular economy concept and LCA.

The last day was characterized by intense workshops to summarize and apply the ideas from the previous days. Hannes Partl, VP Global Service Delivery, and Sophie Kieselbach, Senior Consultant at thinkstep, organized a hands-on workshop on “Measuring the Circular Economy”. Participants learned to apply LCA through a little exercise in which they had to sketch out the life cycle of a bottle. Participants of the workshop provided positive feedback, stating that they had gained new insight into their products and their Life Cycles.

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