thinkstep Releases New Version of SoFi on Salesforce - Version 10.1

Date: December 14, 2018

We are proud to announce that thinkstep has released a new version of our SoFi on Salesforce software with new release features.

Conditional Display of Form Elements based on User Selection
NEW! EasyForm with a conditional logic can now be created to define that certain questions or Sections will be shown or hidden in EasyForms, based on answers given to another questions. 

Depending on a user selection in one metric, SoFi shows (or hides) new follow-up metrics. You now can easily customize an EasyForm that displays only metrics and answer options, fitting specific user needs. 


Formula/merge Fields on EasyForms
NEW! Now it is possible to get merge fields from the Easyjob or facility allowing actions like creating a report filtered by facility name or to create a color code section depending of the Easyjob status. 

Metric Type Date
NEW! Possibility to include a new metric type to collect dates in EasyForms 

Lightning experience-ready application pages
SoFi is now supporting the Salesfore Lightning UI.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly to find out about the functions and implementation and together we can verify the usage of those functions for your individual business case.  

You can find more detailed information about SoFi on Salesforce here.