thinkstep Response to C&A Foundation LCA Study

Date: November 4, 2019

thinkstep would like to acknowledge that there were three mistakes in the original Life Cycle Assessment of “Cotton Cultivation Systems: Better Cotton, Conventional Cotton and Organic Cotton” study report published in May of 2018.

Mistake #1  

Section 4.3.3 Table 11, page 48 – Earlier it showed the value as 615 cubic metre per hectare, which has been rectified to the correct value of 244 cubic metres per hectare for organic cotton cultivation.  
Section 8.4 Table 27, page 79 – The value of 615 cubic metre per hectare should be 244 cubic metres per hectare for organic cotton cultivation. 

Mistake #2  

Section 4.3.3 Table 12, page 50 
The rain water contribution is shown as 79%, when it should have been 93%. 

Mistake #3

Section 8.5 Table 28, page 81 
The irrigation water use values given for conventional cotton were given as 35.8 m3/ha and 4.8 m3/ ha. The decimal point was misplaced. The actual values are 358 m3/ha and 48 m3/ ha respectively.  

These errors have been amended in the revised version of the report. Please note that the LCA models used the right data and the results are therefore correct. You can find the updated report here

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