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thinkstep-SGS Announces a Collaboration with DMG Thailand for EDGE Green Building Certification Projects

May 21, 2018

thinkstep-SGS has recently agreed to partner with Development Management Group Co., Ltd. (DMG) to provide clients with a smoother process for EDGE green building certification. DMG will provide services as the EDGE Expert for the certification process.

As an EDGE Expert, DMG will introduce parties to the EDGE system, provide an orientation and initial training, as well as spot checking the projects documentation before submission. thinkstep-SGS, globally licensed certification partner for IFC, will review the building designs, visit the project site for an audit, and issue the certificate. This combination allows for the following benefits to clients applying for EDGE certification:

  • A full one-stop-shop for all certification steps to the client
  • Free “client representation during certification process”
  • A simplified certification process with full transparency and just one contract

DMG has been in the southeast Asian market for over 20 years and provides the local knowledge of suppliers and products in the regions, as well as its experience in green building certification to help clients succeed with their EDGE applications and submissions.  The thinkstep-SGS consortium brings a unique blend of extensive knowledge in development and administration of green building standards, with world-renowned services in inspection, verification, testing and certification.

For more information on pricing, please email

For advice on EDGE in the southeast Asian region, please reach out to John Covello at

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