thinkstep sponsoring the Future of Surfactants Summit Europe

Date: 14/02/2018

thinkstep sponsored the Future of Surfactants Summit Europe. In this context Margarida Gama, Senior Consultant, thinkstep gave an inspiring speech: “Sustainability: a driver for innovation in the home and personal care sector”.

Over the two days, experts from companies like thinkstep, Henkel, BASF and LMC International provided an in-depth analysis of current challenges and opportunities of the surfactants industry. Latest updates on the raw materials, global surfactant market, regulations framing the industry, as well as innovation and sustainability were discussed. These varied topics were covered through case studies, Q&A; sessions and interactive panel discussions.

Key Topics for Discussion:

  • Sustainability on a Global & European Scale
  • Updates & Outlook on Sustainable Palm Oil for the Surfactant Industry
  • Regulation & REACH for Surfactants
  • Future Outlook on the Global Surfactants Industry
  • Innovation linked to Formulation & Consumer Technologies
  • Petrochemical & Oleochemical Feedstocks
  • Focusing on Fatty Alcohols
  • A Deeper Look into Ethylene Oxide
  • Consumers’ Voice & Lobbying
  • Future Trends of End-Products

Download the presentation here