Using LNG as a Marine Fuel

July 3, 2019

Watch the recording for our joint webinar on Life Cycle GHG Emission Study on the Use of LNG as Marine Fuel!

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With increasing pressure on the international shipping industry to reduce its emissions, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) announced its goal to reduce GHG emissions by at least 50% by 2050 compared with 2008. More stringent air quality regulations, such as the IMO 2020 global sulphur cap, are also imminent. Ship operators will need to lower the sulphur content of their conventional oil-based residual marine fuels, install exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) or replace diesel with alternative fuels like LNG.

Why watch the webinar:

  • Understand why Life Cycle thinking is the right approach for comparing different marine fuels and engines technologies
  • Get an overview on the major marine fuels and engine technologies on the market
  • Learn about the environmental performance of these fuels and engine technologies
  • Find out how the environmental performance of LNG as an alternative marine fuel compares with conventional oil-based fuels in a Well-to-Wake approach
  • Discover how the debate about methane emissions along the LNG supply chain (including methane slip, engine-by-engine) reveals the overall GHG intensity
  • Gain insights into air quality aspects of the operation of engines
  • Learn how LNG can contribute in achieving IMO’s 2020 GHG targets
  • Explore how technology is likely to further reduce LNG’s carbon footprint in the near future
  • Dive deeper into how investors, ship operators and ports can reduce environmental risks


  • Oliver Schuller, Team Lead Energy & Mobility, thinkstep
  • Steve Esau, General Manager, SEA\LNG
  • Mark Bell, General Manager, SGMF

Watch the webinar:

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