Webinar replay - Boost product sales with robust compliance reporting


What every manufacturer should know about product compliance reporting.

What you'll learn:

  • Ways to quickly identify materials of concern and hazardous substances in your products
  • Tips for reducing costly errors and re-workings by automating the exchange of material/substance declarations with suppliers
  • The benefits of using an integrated data structure and approach
  • The best tools for rapid compliance screening to save time and money
  • How material information fits into a broader compliance and sustainability data strategy, and the business value

To stay competitive in today’s global market, leading manufacturers know it takes more than just great design and competitive pricing – success increasingly hinges on environmental compliance, product sustainability and material transparency. Delays to market, product recalls, reputational damage: That’s just for starters when it comes to the risks companies face if their products don’t meet compliance reporting.

But with vast amounts of material and substance compliance information to track, what are the best ways to manage this data effectively and integrate reporting into your overall sustainability strategy to save time, money and limit risk?

This web clinic will show you how compliance reporting schemes (such as REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, and Chemicals of Concern) lists can be managed as a part of a holistic materials and sustainability strategy.

Who should tune in?

Anyone who works for a manufacturing organization and is concerned with product compliance/sustainability. Those operating in the following industries may find it especially useful: Automotive & mobility; building & construction; consumer goods; metals mining & manufacturing; companies that work with BOMs and SKUs


Andrew Sweatman, Compliance Solutions Manager, thinkstep

Andrew is responsible for the development of the compliance software and associated services. He has worked in product sustainability and compliance for 23 years in Australia, Europe and the USA. He works with thinkstep partner Siemens PLM to provide a fully integrated compliance solution for Siemens Teamcenter software used by global companies including Seagate, Emerson, and Caterpillar.

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