White Paper

Green IT

January 20, 2015

A holistic approach for identifying sustainable performance

Download the free sustainability white paper on green IT.

Green IT is more than taking single factors into account or realising technical improves such as energy efficiency or lead free components. Green IT has to be considered holistically in order to ensure added value for companies.

Often responsibles think only about influencing the use phase, about reduction of heat generation and about an efficient cooling system. But that is just a part of the entire story.

The whitepaper addresses more layers of Green IT. It shows how to address the entire life cycle of information technology, i.e. equipment, the entire life cycle of infrastructure, i.e. facility management, and most importantly the optimization of first level effects, i.e. the entire IT system, and the credits from second level effects, i.e. sub-stitution effects through application of IT instead of old fashioned systems.

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