Maximize Market Advantages with EPDs

May 30, 2018

Secure advantages in the bidding process over your competitor with EPD Product information.

Maximize Market Advantages with EPDs

Secure advantages in the bidding process over your competitors with EPD product information. Life cycle assessment, which is calculated in the process of creating an EPD, is the basis of ecological product footprint and allows you to identify areas of improvement. The results from an LCA are giving you a means of determining what measures you can take to optimize your products and your business performance.

In this webinar, receive detailed information about the advantages of an EPD from  thinkstep and EPD International AB.


  • Robert Spang, Senior Consultant / Solution Sales Manager, thinkstep
  • Sebastian Welling, EPD Expert / Project manager, Environdec

EPD International AB is program operator for the International EPD® System, which publishes globally available environmental product declarations.

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