Bridging the Data Divide

June 28, 2018

Find out how to use automation to unify data sources for sustainability reporting

Find out how to use automation to unify data sources for sustainability reporting

From tracking performance against targets to planning improvements and driving operational excellence, the success of any sustainability program is rooted in the ability to access accurate, quality data. However, many organizations are challenged with accessing the right data from disparate sources within their business, often limiting sustainability program success.

Listen to the joined webinar of Urjanet and thinkstep, Bridging the Data Divide: Using Automation to Unify Data Sources for Sustainability Reporting, to help you better understand the key to tackling these data silos within your business.

You’ll Learn:

  • Which internal and external silos can become hurdles
  • How to break down silos to access quality data
  • How thinkstep and Urjanet work together to unify disparate data sources


  • Tim Porter, Director of OEM/Partner Sales, Urjanet
  • Mike Bruce, Solution Engineer, thinkstep AG

Download the webinar slides and recording:

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