Why the Topic of Modern Slavery is Coming to the Fore

September 20, 2018

Watch the webinar recording "Why the topic of Modern Slavery is coming to the fore".


In 2015 the United Kingdom introduced a Modern Slavery Act 2015, now the government of NSW has followed suit. For many countries such legislation is in the pipeline. Join us for a 30 minute “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth” webinar on what this might mean for businesses and supply chains.

Barbara Nebel will set the scene and cover what modern slavery is.
Libby Staggs, Principal Consultant | Sustainability Business Matters will give an overview of what may be required from your business in terms of compliance, highlight problem areas and offer suggestions on how to be ready to meet the requirements under the new legislation.

Malcolm Garnham, who has worked extensively in the horticultural and sustainability sector will share how businesses in New Zealand are already required to trade ethically and answer questions on the impact of production on the people employed in the supply chain

We’ll discuss topics such as:

  • What is modern slavery?
  • Why is it important and who will be affected by the new legislation?
  • The NSW Modern Slavery Act (2018)
  • The pending Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act
  • The differences between the Commonwealth and NSW Modern Slavery Bills
  • How will it affect your business
  • What good practice should look like 

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