Standard and Company Tailored Material Catalogs

March 28, 2019

Watch our webinar about Standard and Company Tailored Material Catalogs.

Standard and Company Tailored Material Catalogs

Managing material data and integrating it with product design is critical to validating and optimizing the iterative development of complex products. Developing new materials and newer applications for existing materials to apply to product design is critical for stepping up the pace of innovation.

Why watch the webinar:
In this webinar we will show you how to solve all of these things:

  • Driven by material centric design – Empower your product development process with Integrated Material Management and consistent material data
  • Leverage material standards - Maximize the quality and accuracy of your products via standardized material catalogs and material databases (e.g. MMPDS, Stahldat, CAMPUS)
  • Benefit from material intelligence – With a holistic approach; design innovative and sustainable products based on your company specific and comprehensive material information


  • Michael Betz, VP Material and Compliance Management, thinkstep AG
  • Daniel Schott, Business Developer MCM, thinkstep AG
  • Lucas Dann, Team Lead MCM Product Management, thinkstep AG

Watch the webinar:

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