LCA and EPD Automation

June 4, 2019

Create LCAs and EPDs faster and more effectively!

LCA and EPD Automation

Standardized and automated solutions enable you to create LCAs (Life Cycle Assessments) and EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) in a few hours or even with the click on a button.

Why watch the webinar:

Availability of LCA or EPD is defined through the process-based approach and can thus make the integration of environmental and social aspects manageable as an integral part of the in-house product development process.

In the webinar, learn how to automate your LCAs and EPDs:

  • Reduce the time and specific costs per LCA or EPD (90% reduction potential)
  • Achieve better reproducibility and consistency by using automated processes
  • Improve your validation and certification for the creation of LCAs and EPDs with a software-based solution
  • Create predefined report templates to standardize the communication of environmental results

Watch the webinar to learn how to create LCAs and EPDs more efficiently.


  • Jürgen Stichling, VP Sustainable Mobility, thinkstep AG
  • Harald Florin, VP Product Sustainability, thinkstep AG

Watch the webinar:

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