thinkstep Releases SoFi 7.2

Date: July 5, 2019

thinkstep has released SoFi 7.2 with New Online Help to improve user experience and with technology updates that will improve performance.

New Online Help

The new SoFi Online Help comes with a fresh look and feel and improves user experience:

  • Get the required information faster with the full-search function
  • Gain direct access to the SoFi Learning Center with learning videos and release notes
  • Receive new content updates as soon as they are available, independent from SoFi releases

We hope you’ll enjoy working with the new SoFi Online Help and look forward to your feedback.

SoFi Online Help

Technology Stack Update

With the release 7.2, SoFi runs on a new technology stack. This technology update will result in noticeable performance improvements throughout the application and enable us to further keep track of the latest patch levels and security updates of the underlying technology components.

Performance Improvements

We have put additional efforts into speeding up Data Acquisition and Collection Status reports. We restructured the way SoFi retrieves the required information to display in questionnaires and the way SoFi makes status calculations. This, in combination with the above-mentioned technology update, will allow you to display questionnaires quicker in data entry and to make faster Collection Status calculations.  

Please note that the SoFi 7.2 release is only available for SoFi SaaS clients. Clients with a perpetual licence will remain on SoFi 6. Please verify your licence type and do not hesitate to contact us directly to find out about functions and implementation—together we'll determine how you can use those functions for your individual business purposes. 


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