thinkstep at Future of Polyolefins Summit 2020

Date: January 22, 2020 - January 23, 2020
thinkstep at Future of Polyolefins Summit 2020
Join Dr. Martijn Gipmans at the Future of Polyolefins Summit 2020 in Brussels, Belgium!

Dr. Martijn Gipmans, Principal Consultant & Team Lead at thinkstep will hold a speech at the Future of Polyolefins Summit 2020.

About the event:

With the increased attention on plastic & waste from the public, the polyolefins industry is facing many changes, not only from a regulation perspective, but also in designing products meeting sustainability & circular economy targets.  The entire value chain now needs to adapt to this new era for plastics in order to thrive and make a positive impact on the planet.

All these changes, and other pressing matters in the industry, will be addressed at ACI’s 8th edition of the Future of Polyolefins Summit, taking place in Brussels, Belgium, on the 22nd & 23rd January 2020.

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