EDGE Expert Partnership Program

Partner With Us

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, including consultancies, construction associations and investment funds, to advance EDGE. Our defined EDGE Expert Partnership Program is explained in detail below.

If you are interested in partnering with us on a different offering, please email your interest to edge@thinkstep.com.

EDGE Expert Partnership Program

We work with EDGE Experts around the world to provide an integrated offering to clients for EDGE certification. Our program looks to add value for EDGE Experts and support the business case for including EDGE Expert consultancy in certification.

Benefits of becoming an EDGE Expert Partner:

  • Access new clients
  • Increase market visibility through inclusion in all contracts
  • Access an exclusive training program for partners
  • Gain additional support

Interested in becoming an EDGE Expert Partner?

  • We ask that you a sign a non-exclusive agreement with us to guarantee you can deliver the specified services if a client selects you
  • Send us an email at edge@thinkstep.com and we can send you a copy of the agreement

EDGE Experts Webinar

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