Environmental Management System Consulting

Environmental Management System Consulting

We Help You Set Up a Lean EMS

Does your organization get all benefits from an Envornmental Management System (EMS) or are you only being compliant?

EMS is not a new topic. Still, for you it might have become a new requirement or you might want to get the maximum out of it, just like many other organizations that have implemented an EMS. 

Wherever you find yourself on the journey of environmental management, we help you set up a lean and practically implemented EMS to get more out of it than just compliance.

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Life Cycle Thinking & ISO 14001

Watch our webinar on Life Cycle Thinking & ISO 14001.

Implementation of an EMS (EMAS/ISO 14001)

thinkstep's experienced consultants support you in installing the processes and documentation required by EMAS and ISO 14001. We conduct the initial environmental review in order to integrate the EMS into your existing business processes. In a workshop, we assess the expectations from your stakeholders and evaluate your environmental aspects, including the requirement of life cycle thinking, using our SoFi Software or GaBi Software.

We support you in developing an environmental program and the necessary actions. We provide customized EMS documentation, including an environmental law register, and conduct internal audits. Finally, we support you during the certification audits and in continuously improving your environmental performance.

Maintenance of Your Existing EMS

Updating of your environmental law register

Depending on your profile, there are many new laws and regulations. We support you with the most up-to-date insights for remaining compliant.

Environmental aspects assessment

We will conduct this as a workshop. The goal is to define relevant aspects and perform an initial assessment. We also can support you in setting up a software-based approach for the professional evaluation and annual update.

Implementing a life cycle perspective

We help you to implement the new mandatory “shall” requirement for “considering a life cycle perspective” (since ISO 14001:2015). Find out more in our webinar

Internal audits planning and performing

We offer you a software-based solution and dedicated support from our certified auditors during the annual surveillance and recertification audits.

Optimization of your processes

We conduct an analysis of your EMS-related processes and help you realize potentials for optimization.

Data collection and calculation of KPIs

We help you to collect, aggregate and report data from all your sites in an easy and efficient way (with or without SoFi Software). The collection of reliable data in time with defined workflows is an attainable goal.

Environmental report

The environmental report is now ready to be published. You can use it to share your internal and external environmental achievements with all relevant stakeholders.

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