Climate change, environmental damage and raw material scarcity are the consequences of increasing energy consumption by an exponentially growing population and economy. Limiting the impact requires products that leave the smallest possible ecological footprint along the entire product life cycle. 

As the link between material manufacturers and users, we support you with the optimization of your products from an environmental perspective. The goal: a minimal ecological footprint throughout the life of the product. 

Our thinkstep team of environmental engineers, material experts and industrial designers identifies and analyzes "hot spots" along your product supply chain. We suggest sustainable alternatives to conventional materials and accompany you through the product development process up to series production.

Your Benefits

  • Reduced environmental risk along your product supply chain
  • Product differentiation through the integration of sustainability aspects in the quality promise of your products
  • Competitiveness in the growing Green Building market
  • Realize a circular economy for your products

Our Services

  • Conduct thorough hot spot analyses along your products' supply chain
  • Research and assess alternative materials and production processes for product development, oriented toward greater sustainability
  • Coaching and supporting material manufacturers and processors during product development and implementation phases
  • Assume project management from the creation of the first sample part to consultation involving exclusive cooperation agreements
  • Ensure project integrity up to readiness for series production 

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