Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Demand is growing steadily for environmental information about construction products. To be able to assess the environmental impact of a single product or an entire building and label it accordingly, all relevant information about the utilized construction materials has to be provided in a general and internationally accepted format. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) have developed into the standard for the construction industry.  

We create for you holistic Life Cycle Assessments for your products, transfer the results into verification-compliant background and EPD reports and organize the entire verification process. You receive a product-specific EPD, which corresponds to all applicable standards, such as ISO 14040, 14044, ISO 14025, EN 15804, any supplemental national information (e.g., FDES), the general principles of the EPD Program Operator and the Product Category Rules (PCR).

Your Benefits

  • Competitive advantage in bidding
  • Proof of the environmental performance of your products
  • Higher credibility for your company
  • Basis for environmentally sound product development

Overview of our Services

  • Product-specific EPDs at a fixed price learn more
  • Mean or product family EPDs for variants of a product system
  • Association EPDs
  • EPD automation
  • Updates to existing EPDs, for example, when standard requirements change
  • Support from our consultants and our GaBi and SoFi software products with generation of your EPDs on your site.

Product-specific EPDs at a Fixed Price

A great deal of data and background information is required to generate a product-specific EPD. Our Life Cycle Assessment database, GaBi, holds most of that information, so we can minimize the time and effort needed to create your product-specific EPD.  

Your Benefits

  • Time and expense saved by relying on thinkstep's LCA database
  • Flexible generation of EPDs for single products

The way to your product-specific EPD

  • Together we work out the project plan and schedule at a kick-off meeting.
  • We collect the required data for your company with the help of a questionnaire and communication between you and our EPD experts.
  • Based on the collected data and our LCA database GaBi, we calculate the LCA for your product.
  • Then we generate the EPD and the background report as per EN 15804 for the verification process.
  • We assume responsibility for communication with the EPD certification office until the final publishing of your EPD.
  • You receive the EPD in either German or English.

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