Energy & Mobility

Energy & Mobility

Use less, move more: It’s the paradox of modern society. Meet ever-tightening targets with the insights and software tools thinkstep offers.

Fuel suppliers, utilities, automotive, aerospace, rail, or the shipping industry - today’s energy & mobility based industries everywhere struggle with increasing pressure to do more with less. Fuel efficiency, emissions regulations, and material compliance create challenges that affect the larger economy worldwide as well as individual businesses.

Our experienced consultants and next-generation software solutions can help you evaluate your operation and design concepts, and supports you in being compliant, and to report your product and/or corporate sustainability performance to stakeholders. We offer the most comprehensive data for gaining insight to the entire energy & mobility value chains, from alternative fuels, lightweight material production to recycling.

Let us help you identify the most significant sustainability risks and opportunities.

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The Sustainability of Electric Motors

What are the key factors necessary to assess the environmental sustainability of electric motors?

Energy & Mobility

Air, Rail, Maritime

The need for transportation of both people and goods is on the rise worldwide. How can we at the same time reduce the environmental impacts of our operation?


The automotive sector becomes increasingly sustainable. We can help you find the right technological solutions and long term strategies to make your automotive products ready for a sustainable future.

Energy & Utilities

The great challenge is to succeed sustainably whilst improving energy efficiency, introducing renewable, and working towards sector coupling. An efficient environmental management is also key to meet shareholder financial objectives.

Oil & Gas

Demand for oil & gas continue to grow! More sustainable extraction, processing, transport and use is required with increased legislation, consumer preference & competition. We help you identifying solutions for a sustainable low-emissions future.

Public Transport

The transformation in public transport is there: increased public interest in environmental issues and increasing mobility demand imply new solutions. We help you with this transition.

Transport & Logistics

Innovative transport solutions in combination with alternative fuels and innovative powertrain solutions are urgently needed in this energy-intensive sector.

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