Sustainability in Transport & Logistics

Sustainability in Transport & Logistics

Reduce GHG Emissions in Transportation

Innovative transport solutions in combination with alternative fuels and innovative drivetrain solutions are urgently needed in this energy-intensive sector.

Our unrivalled sustainability consulting expertise, data and software help you create a more sustainable balance.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transportation is one of the most challenging issues, since demand for goods and their transport is still increasing worldwide. thinkstep is uniquely prepared to support you managing energy, vehicles and infrastructure more sustainably by reducing both costs and emissions.

thinkstep has the deep global sustainability consulting expertise and data to assist you find the most effective alternative fuels and generate innovative concepts for greener transport systems. Leveraging our expertise in fleet operation monitoring in combination with our life cycle based evaluation models for assessing costs and environmental impacts, we also enable you develop more environmentally sound structures all along your supply chain. Let us drive into the energy & mobility future.

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Life Cycle GHG Emission Study on the Use of LNG as Marine Fuel

The study showed that on an engine technology basis, the absolute Well-to-Wake emissions reduction benefits...

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We Help You Succeed with:

Carbon Footprint and Air Quality Assessment

Climate change and urban air quality are major challenges for logistic operations.

thinkstep uses the LCA approach to calculate the environmental impacts of your transport operations covering vehicle production and operation incl. energy carrier supply (e.g. diesel, hydrogen, electricity) and End-of-Life. This not only allows to identify environmental hot spots, but helps to avoid a potential shift of burden between life cycle phases.

Fleet Calculator

By applying a modular life cycle based evaluation approach, the current and future sustainability level of any transport vehicle fleet can be quantified and evaluated in a holistic manner. Using a combined LCA and LCC model and looking at the environmental and economic performance, strategic decision on the choice of propulsion system and adjacent fuel /energy carrier can be made to enhance the compete-tiveness of the transport services offered.

Fleet Monitoring

Our intuitive web-based software solutions allow the monitoring of your fleet operation in detail. Hereby, interfaces to automated data logging systems keeps the continuous data gathering process efficient and multiple analytics, customized to your needs, helps to track your fleet performance with regard to e.g. fuel consumption/ energy efficiency, availability, driven distance .

Sustainable Supply Chain

To tackle the challenge of measuring the carbon footprint of your organization’s logistics activities across an continuously evolving and often heterogenic logistic service provider landscape, thinkstep can provide an EN 16258 conform bottom up solution to include the logistics GHG emissions in the monitoring and reporting of the corporate carbon footprint e.g. using thinkstep’s SoFi software system.

Green Logistic Buildings

Optimize material and process sustainability for structures such as logistics hubs and distribution centers with Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) based on the deepest, most accurate global data.

By evaluating different options, e.g. for increasing the energy efficiency or for the choice of energy supply with regard to their environmental as well as economic life-cycle performance, better informed decisions on implementing individual measures can be taken.

External Costs

While offering the potential to improve energy efficiency and to reduce the environmental impact alternative drivetrains and fuels are often associated with higher costs in comparison to incumbent technologies.  Taking into account the avoided external costs for the society additional economic benefits of innovative propulsion systems can be identified and included in the evaluation of the analyzed transport mode.

Get an overview of all our consutling services:

Consulting Services

Throughout the study thinkstep managed very professionally a broad industry consortium and has proven to be a very reliable and highly skilled partner. The results have met the high expectations in terms of scientific quality and in-depth analysis merging together a large amount of information, and the success of the project relies also on a constant and open collaboration established between the NGVA consortium and thinkstep.

Andrea Gerini , Secretary General, Natural Gas & bio Vehicle Association Europe (NGVA-Europe)

Thanks to SoFi we were able to generate a solid action plan targeting 20% emissions reduction savings in 5 years. Additionally, as part of the logistics initiative ‚Lean & Green‘, Lekkerland Germany was honoured with the ‚Lean & Green Award.

Jonny Natelberg , Executive Vice President Corporate Affairs, Lekkerland AG & Co. KG

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