Sustainable Real Estate

Sustainable Real Estate

Improve the Sustainability of Your Real Estate

​thinkstep supports you in identifying and understanding risiks linked to climate change and in improving the sustainability performance of your real estate.

Buildings contribute a third to the global usage of primary energy. Buildings contribute a quarter to the carbon emissions caused by humanity and a third to the global consumption of resources.

Finite resources and noticeable impacts of the climate change lead to an increasing importance of sustainability in the building sector. This leads to an increasing influence of sustainability in the building sector on the value of real estate. Investors have to deal with the question of what sustainability means for their real estate or real estate portfolio. This raises the question of how sustainability performance can be measured and improved on a practical level and applies both to refurbishment and new construction.

The integrated software solution and the experienced consultants of thinkstep have helped us not only to make our business processes more sustainable but also to raise our cost efficiency and to strengthen our corporate image.

Dr. Wolfgang Steiniger, former Head of Innovation, Complaint and Environmental Management, DekaBank

We help to succed with

Carbon Consulting

We help you develop carbon strategies for the construction and use of your real estate and determine environmental hotspots and design options. Make the building life cycle assessment an integral part of the planning with the software solution Tally® and BIM.

Building certifications

Use our consulting services for the certification of buildings – from the complete auditing to the handling of bricks like the ecological auditing and life cycle assessment. Develop cost-efficient processes and use our software solution SoFi for an automated green building certification of new building projects and existing buildings (e.g. the software-based DGNB-certification of “buildings in use”).

Sustainability management of building portfolios

Steer the consumption and environmental impact of your building portfolio with our software solution SoFi. Our software enables you to efficiently manage and report on large building portfolios.

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