Sustainable Real Estate

Our data and tools help you develop and manage healthier, energy-efficient buildings that yield a higher ROI for real estate investors.

Real Estate

Lower resource consumption and increase tenant satisfaction for higher earnings in your entire building portfolio.

Real estate owners, investors and portfolio managers are embracing high-performance, green buildings for their growing economic value, desirability and overall portfolio risk reduction. REITs that implement sustainability management and reporting platforms are increasing their investment ratings and cost savings, attracting top rates, and minimizing tenant turnover.

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Commercial Real Estate Sustainability

How a Sustainability Platform Can Help

We help you succeed with:

Fast data collection, forecasting and cost savings

Asset managers worldwide use our custom tool to benchmark building performance, increase energy efficiency across their portfolio, and comply with green building certification standards.

Simple disclosure with automated reporting to GRESB

Dramatically reduce time spent collecting, validating, and submitting sustainability performance information to GRESB. We are one of the first GRESB associate members. Combine with our Portfolio Sustainability Management solution to embed sustainability KPIs into your portfolio and comply with multiple reporting schemes such as GRI, CDP, LEED and BREEAM.

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Commercial Real Estate Sustainability

How a Sustainability Platform Can Help