Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Sustainable brands are not something of the future; consumers expect them now. Let us help you satisfy the demand profitably and efficiently.

Our expertise, technology, and data help you achieve the sustainability performance consumers demand: credible reporting and claims, meaningful product and supply chain improvements, and a brand promise they can trust. Our unrivaled datasets help you understand the impact of your entire product lifecycle. Our experts strategise with you to identify the best opportunities for environmental, social, and bottom-line progress. Then our powerful technology gives you the means to make sustainability a core ingredient of product development at every stage—from concept to consumer hands.

We brought in thinkstep because of their depth and breadth of sustainability knowledge, especially their LCA expertise and software

Dan Pettit, Mondelez

Consumer Goods Sectors


We help you strengthen partnerships and strategies to make sustainability one of the main drivers of success in your business.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

When discussing sustainability in cosmetics and personal care sectors, there are multiple drivers to consider from environmental, social and economic perspectives.


Drive innovation and performance improvement with our product sustainability tools and expertise while also simplifying your chemicals disclosure and compliance.

Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Making agriculture more sustainable means addressing every point of the supply chain for environmental and social impact as well as opportunity.

Wood, Pulp & Paper

Sustainably sourced natural materials have a great environmental story to tell.


Creating more sustainable packaging requires much more than material reduction. We help you make a meaningful difference with fully integrated strategies based on deep and evolving data. 


Heightened consumer awareness puts retailers on the front lines of sustainability. A greener reputation hits the bottom line fast. Save money and increase sales via our integrated solutions.

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