Apparel, Footwear and Textiles

We help you strengthen partnerships and strategies to make sustainability one of the main drivers of success in your business.

Sustainable Apparel, Footwear and Textiles

Make sustainability the most memorable feature

We deeply understand the sustainability needs and potential of the apparel, footwear and textiles industry. Our data, sustainability software, and consulting services helps apparel businesses worldwide foster innovation and anticipate industry changes. We also help you embed sustainability into product design and operations at the earliest stages to generate the most business value for your investment.

In addition to customising sustainability strategies and initiatives for your needs, we draw on industry connections to help you maintain sustainability leadership among your peers, including SAC Sustainable Apparel Coalition, TE Textile Exchange and more.

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Circular Economy policies - Tackling Your Strategy

Tackle your future challenges and identify opportunities by working through Circular Economy issues.

Some of our Apparel clients

We help you succeed with:

CSR & sustainability strategy

Develop the strongest CSR vision, strategy, and projects with our consultants and software solutions. We help you understand your value chain in light of all your partnerships and external tools.

Sustainable business value

Use our business value framework and calculator to analyse sustainability performance and identify opportunities to create more tangible value for your organization.

Sustainable supply chain

Greatly improve supplier relationships and performance with services such as risk assessments, audit standards, and audit protocol development. Deepen understanding of your supply chain risks and opportunities, and benchmark your suppliers against competitors’.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition & Higg Index Verification Services

We are a member of SAC and are approved as verifier & trainer for Higg Index Verification Services. We assist you with training, completion and verification services for the Higg Index. We support you and your partner companies with environmental and social awareness and standards training as well as developing strong performance improvement programs.

Chemicals management

Monitor and manage all the steps in your value chain more effectively, from chemical suppliers, mills, and dyehouses to garment suppliers, right through the retail level.

Communication and reporting

We help you engage with your internal stakeholders and employees while improving external communication about your sustainability efforts.

EcoDesign and innovation

Drive meaningful improvement and create better products for consumers with our design tools and sustainable portfolio consulting services.

Footprinting & LCA

With our LCA experts, software and services, we can convene EU PEF pilots and help you prepare for future developments in product environmental footprinting and organizational footprinting.

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