Digitalize your Sustainability: Eco-design integrated in Electronics

Sustainability in Electronics

Digitalize Your Sustainability

Electronics manufacturers all over the world face challenging environmental and sustainability issues. Examples are product carbon footprint, material declaration and compliance on regulations referring to hazardous materials, toxicity, recycling and supply chain education. Our services have been provided for the following types of products:

  • Electrical components and Equipment
  • Electronic equipment, Consumer Electronics, Infrastructure Manufacturer
  • Machine tools and industrial equipment
  • Telecommunications Service providers, IT/ICT users

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We work with various kinds of organizations and in various kinds of projects:

  • Electronic OEMs
  • Producers of equipment with electronic subsystems and industrial systems with some electronic components
  • Organizations interested in understanding the impact of the IT department and/or the impact of using smart building controls
  • Public organizations / public sector
  • Industry associations
  • Consortia with different partners

Some of our electronics clients

Electronics clients

We Help You Succeed with

For electronics companies, addressing product sustainability is complex due to the nature of these products. This industry faces the challenge of collecting the necessary data from large supply chains with extensive outsourcing and frequent product revisions. A single electronic subsystem (e.g. mother board of a computer) often consists of between several hundred and 10 million components (e.g. ICs, capacitors, LEDs, etc.).

The number and variety of subsystems makes the task of collecting specific information on each single component highly challenging. thinkstep helps companies, combining technological expertise in the field of electronic productswith in-depth knowledge on sustainability. We provide different types of services and products, typically combined in a multi-stage project approach (scope, screen, scale):

Identifying your status quo

Identify and diagnose the status of your company and scoping next steps with exploratory workshops.

Perform corporate specific analysis

Supplier management and engagement, sustainability reporting (according to standards, e.g. GRI, CDP…)

Deployment of solutions

Deployment of solutions combining services and tools (e.g. automation processes to increase efficiency).

Perform strategic analysis

Perform strategic analysis with circular economy studies, materiality assessment, compliance.

Our experience comprises +100 LCA and Eco-design studies in the field of electronics for products such as cell phones, computers, servers or semiconductors. 

We have also performed studies for electric and electronic systems in cars, e-motors, transformers, industrial PCs, PLCs, medical equipment, lightning and many more.

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