Sustainable Food, Beverage and Agriculture

Sustainable Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Check Your Environmental and Social Impact

To produce sustainable agricultural products, it is necessary to keep an eye on the entire supply chain and check its environmental and social impact.

The demand for more sustainable agriculture comes from a well-informed public as well as companies all along the supply chain, increasing the pressure to improve very complex systems without decreasing output.

Only thinkstep offers the 20 years of global data and environmental management experience needed to help agricultural material producers understand both the big picture and the bottom line of their activities. Our platform includes Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), GaBi software, and hands-on strategy delivers an authentically holistic approach and ongoing optimization.

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BASF Agricultural Products

Effective Engagement of Stakeholders into Sustainability

Some of our Food, Beverage & Agriculture clients

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We Help You Succeed with:


Bring tangible business value to your organization through strong vision, strategy, targets, and projects conducted with our consultants and software solutions. Let us take you from benchmarking and audits to implementation and optimization.

Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)

We can assist with the development of PEF, a harmonised EU methodology for the calculation of the environmental footprint of products (including carbon).

Water Footprint

Understand the full extent of your direct and indirect water usage to manage supply and costs. Let us help you increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Reduce your organization’s emissions, comply with standards such as the GHG Protocol and ISO 14000 series, and boost energy efficiency with confidence. We offer the most in-depth analysis and action plans for going greener.

Sustainability Reporting

Earn more of the trust and goodwill your organization deserves. Develop the most credible, meaningful reports for all stakeholders with our workshops, dialogue services, and project guidance.

Life Cycle Assessments

Make Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) as credible, useful, and efficient as possible with instant access to our ‘Data Warehouse,’ including a specialized Food & Feed database.

What Our Clients Say

dairy australia
thinkstep was able to meet the complexity of our needs, thanks to their longstanding experience in our sector and their unique ability to handle the scale

Neil van Buuren , Dairy Australia

Kraft foods
With thinkstep’s help, I’ve performed environmental and economic assessments for new product development more effectively than ever before

Rui Toshio Takahashi , Kraft Foods Research, Development & Quality

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