Sustainability in Wood, Pulp and Paper

Sustainability in Wood, Pulp & Paper

Understand Your Environmental Impact

Sustainably sourced natural materials have a great environmental story to tell.

Wood, pulp and paper have the potential to make products with outstanding environmental credentials. They are sourced from renewable resources that sequester carbon dioxide during growth. They are also biodegradable and, for pulp and paper, highly recyclable, so waste management is much less of a concern than for many other materials. 

With our experience, expertise, technology and data we can help you to evaluate and better understand the sustainability performance of your wood, paper and pulp products.

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Australian Softwood Timber Industry-wide Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Registered

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Melbourne, 24.6.2015 - The Australian timber industry has today registered the...

We Help You Succeed with:

Credible reporting and claims

We support you in credible reporting and claims, including LCAs, EPDs, Product Environmental Footprints, Scope 3 reporting, etc.

Supply chain requests

We help you respond to supply chain requests for data on environmental performance.

Identifying hot spots

We support you in identifying hot spots in the supply chain.

Informing strategies

We inform strategies for further reducing the environmental burdens of these materials.

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