Sustainability in Chemicals & Life Science

Sustainability in Chemicals & Life Science

Succeeding sustainably is difficult today, requiring both centralized & validated data for strategy, asset investment decisions, supply chain optimization, operational risk, reporting together with the resource depth for realization

In these sectors, effectively measuring and improving your portfolio’s sustainability performance can determine your company’s success. However, as margins and internal resources erode, more innovative solutions and collaboration are needed to identify sustainability risks and opportunities throughout the value chain.

Businesses in the chemicals and life science sectors worldwide rely on our benchmark data, best practices, and tools to develop strategies, quantify results, set achievable targets, and track progress. The thinkstep platform has achieved ROI of $100 million+ for clients in these industries. With 20 years of consulting experience, data evolution, and technology development, we help you bring energy alternatives to market faster and optimise your supply chain to increase your competitive edge.

The combination of thinkstep’s excellent coaching skills on LCA/EPDs, the GaBi software and the outstanding industry expertise were crucial success factors for the development of the first EPD in the paraffin waxes sector.

Coral Verge, Product Stewardship Manager, Cepsa

Chemicals & Life Science


As resources decline globally, chemical companies must accelerate innovation to thrive and become more sustainable. Optimise your produces for sustainability easier and faster with us.


Sustainability is an urgent issue in healthcare: to optimize positive health benefits but to also “do no harm” to the environment in the process.