Sustainability in Oil & Gas

Sustainability in Oil & Gas

Identify Solutions for a Low-Emissions Future

Demand for oil and gas continue to grow. More sustainable extraction, processing, transport and refining is required with increased legislation, consumer preference and competition. We help you identifying solutions for a sustainable low-emissions future.

Our solutions and consulting services support Oil & Gas suppliers by quantifying the environmental footprint and reducing life-cycle emissions.

Having worked with many oil & gas companies and associations we can draw back on broad sector experience on conventional production & processing, shale gas, oil sands, heavy oils, liquefaction, transport (pipeline, LNG carrier), refining, and distribution as well as alternatives, like biomethane and can help analyze your supply chains.

thinkstep also offer customized software solutions and data for LCA calculations to inform decisions and develop your low-carbon strategy. We offer the most comprehensive Life Cycle Inventory Oil & Gas database with over 700 data sets, representing different countries, production technologies, energy efficiency, etc.

We support you in lowering  carbon footprints along the oil & gas value chain.

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Greenhouse Gas Intensity Study of Natural Gas

thinkstep performed an industry-wide Well-to-Wheel analysis that analysed the different Natural Gas supply...

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We Help to Succeed with

GHG Intensity, Life Cycle Assessment

The LCA approach helps you to quantify the environmental performance of your oil & gas supply chain.  It enables to identify “hot-spots” and improve it along the value chain.

With our unique production and fuel supply LCA models and profound expertise, we can help you better understand the environmental impacts of your conventional and unconventional supply chains, and future fuels, such as hydrogen.

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    Sustainable Reporting

    Determined sustainability results can easily be used for communication. On a corporate level or on a product level, which includes LCA reports for whole fuel supply chains addressing potential customers but also reporting sustainability information on feedstocks used in fuels. The demand for sustainability information is continuously increasing.

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      Alternative Fuels

      In the light of decarbonization, there are several alternative fuel options in discussion in addition to electricity. Biofuels, gaseous fuels, such as LNG, synthetic fuels, such as Power-to-X and hydrogen. Economic and environmental assessments of these alternatives provide a clear picture of their potential future role in international key markets and help to define a clear business strategy for the future.

      Strategic Advisory Services

      What’s your strategy for driving value through sustainability? Let our consulting experts help you develop a vision and roadmap for future success.

      We help you align your strategy to the needs of your stakeholders, upcoming regulations, the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, etc.. We perform Materiality Assessments, and support you with Science Based Targets.

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        There are many regulations on a national and international level in place asking for environmental information at the oil & gas production and fuel supply.

        Examples are Fuel Quality Directive, Renewable Energy Directive, and the IMO Sulphur Cap 2020 or GRI guidelines on the reporting of oil & gas production.  We support you in quantifying your environmental parameters and help to provide a solid basis for any stakeholder reporting.

        LCA Data & Software

        thinkstep offers the most comprehensive Life Cycle Inventory on Oil & Gas with over 700 data sets. 200+ data sets on upstream production, processing and transportation, representing different production technologies - primary, secondary, EOR, unconventional (shale, tight, CBM, deep water and oil sands). Drilling depth flaring and leakages, energy efficiency, and water treatment efficiency – are taken into consideration.

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          Get an overview of all our consutling services:

          Consulting Services

          What Our Clients Say

          thinkstep has demonstrated its exceptional expertise in oil and gas life cycle assessment (LCA). We are happy to have them as one of our collaborators in advancing this full system thinking in the industry.

          Dr. Jonathan Lilien , Chevron

          For our H2 refuelling station with onsite H2 production in Berlin Spandau we collected a very wide variety of data. We used thinkstep's software for this task and found it to be very easy, intuitive and time efficient.

          Patrick Schnell , Total

          Benefits to Your Business


          Understand the environmental performance of different fuel supply chain

          Assess major capital projects and investments

          Identify the most cost-effective environmental improvements

          Evaluate new assets, new technologies, and production sites

          Sustainability Performance

          Quantify the sustainability performance of your supply chains

          Identify hot spots and key parameters, compare process/technology options

          Benchmark with industry avarage

          Business Risk Mitigation and Communication

          Better manage environmental risks by knowing their hot spots

          Reduce operations expenses (OPEX)

          Understand future technology trends and consider them for your strategy development

          Support permit & regulatory advocacy (license to operate)

          Communicate to stakeholders in an transparent manner

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